Welcome to the Kickstart help page. Here you will find Details of the roles and how to sign up.


Step 1

Sign into your Universal Credit account. Make sure you are on the HOMEPAGE and click on ADD NOTES TO JOURNAL

Step 3

Type the job you are interested into the JOB TITLE box and Type KICKSTARTER SCHEME into the EMPLOYER box.

Step 5

You may want to add a note to your WORKCOACH letting them know you are interested in the role so you have yourself covered.

Step 2

Scroll down and click on


Step 4


Step 6

Scroll down and click SAVE

TH!NK FC, a Co-operative CIC is acting as the catalyst and connector for Coalville C.A.N. CBS. TH!NK FC works alongside local individuals and connects up the different elements of the project, including bringing in key partners and funders and sharing relevant tools and approaches. TH!NK FC works alongside people to develop self-belief and create the ‘how to’ handbook for sharing with others.

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