Calling all members of the LE67 Community.

Come along and get involved in the conversation.

BRING A SPOON - You can wave it when you wish to speak. ( So we don't have talk over each other ).

You can move freely between rooms! 

Join us on MONDAY evening. 

7PM - 8PM  -Join a breakout room.

8PM - 9PM - Feel free to connect with others.


If you want to host your own room come along to find out how it works - email 




We are currently developing a demonstration of how we can turn a survey of assets into an online map, and also create a network map showing existing connections and relationships in different areas in LE67. We are looking to recruit a crew in Whitwick to carry this project forward.

If you are interested please get in touch by emailing us at

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TH!NK FC, a Co-operative CIC is acting as the catalyst and connector for Coalville C.A.N. CBS. TH!NK FC works alongside local individuals and connects up the different elements of the project, including bringing in key partners and funders and sharing relevant tools and approaches. TH!NK FC works alongside people to develop self-belief and create the ‘how to’ handbook for sharing with others.

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